Solutions for Email Marketing
Pravega helps you solve the most important problems in Email Marketing. Join the Pravega Network and use the platform like a post office for commercial email.
Pravega On-Demand Direct Marketing
Personal and Professional Channels
Marketers can use the Pravega Platform for both B2B and B2C email marketing. You can access both personal and professional email addresses for our subscribers. Email lists acquired from other sources also tend to have large number of obsolete addresses as well as fake addresses given by consumers just to avail of incentives. We have only the real addresses people actually use, and when they change their addresses we update our database.
Targeting Options
The platform provides considerable targeting capabilities using the data collected from subscribers. Marketers can target using some of the following data selects:
› Age
› Profession
› Employer
› Home Location - City, State, Zipcode
› Office Location - City, State, Zipcode
› Job Title
› Highest Degree Obtained
› Languages Spoken
› Gender
› Ethnicity
› Marital Status
› Club, Society Memberships
› Activities & Hobbies
› Annual Income Range
› Magazines/Newsletters Subscribed to
› Major Recent Purchases
› Frequently Purchased Products
› Planned Purchases in 12 Months
› Specified Product Interests
You can use vegaMail for various marketing objectives including:
› Sales Generation
› Lead Generation
› Campaign Testing
› Houselist Replenishment
› Channel Expansion
› Coupon Delivery

› Branding
Cooperative Global Data Sharing
The Pravega Platform automatically captures the data generated from any campaign run on the platform. The data is fully anonymized and added back to our database and made available to all marketers in aggregated form for their use. Therefore, new campaigns can benefit from the experience of previous campaigns across marketers. You can learn what has worked and what has not, what offer types, creative styles and prospect selections produce the best results - using the knowledge gleaned from all previous campaigns. And when you run your campaign the data from that campaign is also added back to the database for future use by other marketers. Also, since the campaign data is added back to the database in aggregated form, your competitors have no visibility into your campaigns.