Privacy Policy

Types of Information on our system   What happens to it
CRM Data -- Data entered by vegaPort users into vegaPort CRM system   Pravega has NO Access to this data. Neither Pravega nor any of its employees or anyone other than the user has access to the data entered in the vegaPort CRM application. The level of privacy of this data is same as you would expect from any other major hosted CRM provider. We do not use your CRM Data in any way or for any purpose.
Pravega Network Member Company Profile Data   When you join the Pravega Network as a member company, you create a profile for your business. This data is stored separately from the CRM data. As a service of the network, this data is used to allow you to connect with other network member companies and to allow them to connect with you. However, we never give out individual company data to anyone in any form for any purpose. The data is only visible to network members in aggregated form. Network member companies connect to each other through our platform, where our technology uses the profile information to route messages, while keeping all profile information (contact data etc.) private and invisible from public view. The level of privacy is higher than what most businesses reveal on their website. In addition, we never ever rent, sell or share this data with anyone.
Pravega Subscriber Profile Data   This is the data entered by a network subscriber in their profile. This data is treated just like Member Company data and is never ever given out or shared with anyone. Our technology uses this data to route messages while keeping the individual data (contact information etc.) completely private and invisible from public view. The level of privacy of this data is much higher than what you get from social network services such as Facebook. In addition, we never rent, sell or share this data with anyone.
Automatic Data   Data such as cookies, server logs, IP data which is automatically received by any all websites when they interact with their users, is held by us to manage and optimize the performance of our services. We may use this data in aggregated form to tune our systems. While we generally don't share this data with anyone, we might need to share it in aggregated (non-individually identifiable) form with service providers to help improve our services. Aggregated data only gives statistical information about the system, no individual level information is revealed at any time.
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