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Pravega Network
The Pravega Network
The Pravega Network is a community of businesses and organizations who solve their own marketing problems by solving the problems for others. Companies become Network Members and share access to their own employees and customers and in return get access to employees and customers of all other companies on the platform. This reciprocal system allows companies to contribute access to their own tens, hundreds or thousands of relationships and in return get access to the millions of subscribers on the platform.
Network Member Responsibilities
Get your employees and customers enrolled as    subscribers. You are not required to enroll all   relationships and you cannot coerce, however the more   subscribers you bring onto the platform, the cheaper   your access becomes
Provide accurate information about your company and   also help us maintain accuracy of data about your   subscribers
Update information as required - contact information,   preference information etc.
Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits

Use the Pravega Platform for on-demand direct   marketing
Earn Access Points to reduce your Network marketing   costs. The more subscribers you bring in, the more   points you get, the less you pay for your campaigns
Get access to Pravega Business Services (PBS): (1)   Free CRM   (2) Free Email Marketing (3) Free   Employee Benefits
› Great offers, discounts, coupons and exclusives for   your employees and customers from thousands of   merchants. Help save hundreds to thousands of   dollars per month

Things to Know
Things to Know

› All the data collected is held in accordance with strict   privacy guidelines. NO data is ever shared or revealed   to anyone
› Network membership is absolutely FREE - No Cost,   No Risk, No Commitment
› You can leave the network anytime you wish - No   Obligations

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