The Pravega Platform can be used to solve marketing problems in many different industries.

› Small Businesses
Small businesses can use the network to precisely target customers and quickly access a large database of propsects without having to build their own lists. Both B2B and B2C businesses can leverage the network to expand their sales and marketing program at minimum cost and no upfront investment. Network can be leveraged by any small businesses -- auto repair, spas, salons, HVAC, architects, dentists, dermatologists, lawyers, remodelers, pest control and more.

› Restaurants and other Local Businesses
Connect with your local community to popularize your services. Try email and direct mail to drive traffic to your stores. Use small-scale personalized phone marketing to acquire new patrons from your neighborhood. Run campaigns that suit your budget and scale.

Run email campaigns to build your brand and prospect specific markets for potential customers. Use direct mail and phone marketing to grow relationship with potential buyers until the final sale.

Stay in touch with your local market. Deliver timely offers and promote your latest products by email. Use phone marketing to acquire high value customers and direct mail to build loyalty. Deliver coupons and special offers more cheaply and efficiently by email.


Run phone marketing campaigns to a much broader consumer base. Replace direct mail with email for superior speed and ROI.


Use a mix of direct mail and email to build your brand and stay in the minds of consumers.

Financial Services

Precisely target the right prospects through email. Generate more demand using phone marketing. Send credit card promotions or new bank account promotions through email to achieve higher ROI than direct mail. Use direct mail and phone marketing for higher value prospects.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Build brand awareness through email. Send coupons and rebates rapidly and dynamically.

Media and Entertainment

Drive traffic to your online sites through email. Deliver links to electronic content directly to consumers' inboxes.

Travel and Tourism

Target your promotions to relevant consumer segments. Build brand and deliver seasonal promotions by email or direct mail. Use email marketing to capture hot prospects who have specified interest in travel. Use phone marketing to sell vacations, cruises and timeshares.

Personal Care

Build brand and deliver promotions to your relevant consumer segments. Deliver samples and brochures by direct mail, use email to drive traffic to your e-commerce sites.


Popularize your services cost-efficiently through email and reach the right audience.

Electronics, Software and Technology

Drive traffic to your online presence through email and deliver digital content directly to consumers' email inboxes.

Not-for-profit / Fundraising

Identify and reach potential donors and volunteers through email. Raise funds through phone marketing in a less intrusive and more consumer friendly way.


Deliver messages to citizens quickly and cost-effectively. Reach through multiple channels and target the relevant communities.

General Services - Legal Services, Financial Planning

Find the right prospects and connect cost-effectively through email. Qualify prospects into leads and close opportunities through phone marketing.