How & Why

How it Works

Why create a Network of Companies?
Advantages to Marketers
› On-demand access to subscriber inboxes without prior   relation or permission.
› On-demand access to inaccessible phone lines without   prior relation or permission, including lines registered   on the Do-not-call registry.
› Direct access to decision makers inside organizations    for high efficiency sales prospecting.
› Access to both personal and professional email and   phone channels.
› Broad, accurate, comprehensive data direct from the   prospects.
› Built-in privacy management.
› Prospect preferences enforced by the platform -   contact prospects only on terms specified by them.
› No risk of reputational damage or adverse consumer   reaction.
› Automatic compliance with CAN-SPAM and Do-not   call laws.
› Email delivery fully managed within platform - get   around spam-filters and other hurdles to get your   message to prospects.
› No set up costs, No membership fees, Pay-per-use
› Simple and very attractive pricing structure
› Fully web-based system with very easy to use interface   and workflow.
Advantages to Members
› Run on-demand direct marketing campaigns
› Pravega Business Servives (PBS): (1) Free CRM (2)   Free Email Marketing (3) Free Employee Discounts
› PBS saves your company hundreds of dollars per   employee per year. Added across your organization,   you can save thousands of dollars per year.
› Join Network anytime, leave anytime. No lock-in
› No set-up costs, No continuing costs. Absolutely free   membership in the Pravega Network
› No risks, No Obligations
Advantages to Subscribers
› Receive promotions from hundreds of merchants in a   single email
› Avail of special offers, discounts, coupons and save   cash on purchases
› Discount club memberships can cost over $100 per   year. Our offering through Member Companies is   completely free
› Control frequency, volume, channel, timing and source   of commercial messages.
› Specify interests and receive only relevant promotions
› Earn vegaPoints and save more
› No cost, No risk, No obligation. Unsubscribe any time
› Strong security controls to ensure privacy of your data
› Completely anonymous - marketers never access your    personally identifiable information