Pravega Inc.

Pravega was formed in 2009 with the mission of transforming the direct marketing industry. We saw the enormous potential in email and phone marketing and the terrible misuse of both these channels. The most important component of the eco-system, the consumer, was left without a voice, while a convoluted set of regulations and a complex campaign execution process intimidated most businesses. While others saw the direct marketing industry heading towards an inevitable decline, we saw it as an opportunity to fix the system. To make email and phone marketing as simple as search and display advertising and considerably more effective.
To help get our project off the ground, we realized the importance of bringing in small businesses into our network. And what better way, than to offer some necessary business tools at a compelling price - Free.
We are a small team of engineers and business people with many outside experts, constantly improving and innovating to produce solutions to pressing marketing problems.
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