Business Problems

Customer Acquisition

Marketers can use the Pravega Platform for acquiring new customers in a cost effective and convenient way. You can use our platform to connect with prospects without any prior relationship or permission. This allows exceptional flexibility, speed and agility in executing customer acquisition campaigns. You can contact your prospects through any one of our supported channels.
Use Email Marketing to achieve rapid and very cost effective customer acquisition
Use Phone Marketing to achieve very high response rates and large volume sales
Get data for Direct Mail campaigns to sell higher value products and more considered purchases

Channel Expansion

You have just pulled a new list from a Co-op Database, but you don't have permission to either email these people or call them. How can you go beyond the expensive direct mail channel to connect with this audience?
You have a large customer base but very few of your customers have given you permission to email or call them with new offers. How can you reach them?
You have a houselist of postal addresses of your customers, but email addresses for only a few of them. How do you contact all of them by by the cost-effective email channel?

One answer - Pravega.

Surveys and Research

You can also use the Pravega Platform to run surveys and collect market information. You can use either our email channel or the phone channel for this purpose. Our email channel will allow you to survey people outside your customer base while the phone channel allows for more involved research surveys.

Business-to-Business Marketing

Marketers can use Pravega to take their business marketing programs to a completely new plane. Our platform has superior information about employees within each company, provided by Network Member companies themselves, which allows for much faster and direct access to people with actual purchasing authority. Your prospects have complete control over the flow of commercial messages, making them more responsive. Direct management involvement means data is always up to date and accurate so your sales team can be more productive and your prospects less burdened with irrelevant calls and emails.

Customer Reactivation

Do you have a vast list of customers who haven't bought from you in a very long time? Are you no longer able to contact them? Try finding and reconnecting with them through us.


While our supported channels are primarily used for direct response campaigns, they also hold considerable potential for building your brand with consumers. Email allows for inexpensively connecting with people and capturing mind share. So when people come around to making a purchase, they have your brand on the top of their mind.

Coupon Delivery

Electronic delivery of coupons is considerably more efficient than mail and print coupons. Use our network to deliver coupons rapidly and to precisely the audience you are looking for. You can even customize each coupon for a given segment. In addition, you can make the coupons dynamic so the offer changes in real time until it is opened by the recipient.

Houselist Expansion and Replenishment

Your houselist decays every week as more and more names become obsolete. How do you replenish it? Your's is a growing business but your current houselist is relatively small. How do you go beyond it to expand the reach of your Email Marketing program. Consider Pravega.

Customer Retention

Are your customers no longer opening your emails? Are they deleting or sending your emails into the spam folder? You can still reach them through Pravega. Have your customers moved to a new location or changed their email addresses? Try reconnecting with them through our platform.