FAQFrequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of membership in the Pravega Network?
› Zero. You only pay for running marketing campaigns, there are no other charges for membership.

2. What if we wish to leave the network?
› You can leave anytime you wish. All your employee-subscriber accounts will be deactivated.

3. Why should I join now?
› While the value of membership in the Pravega Network grows as the network grows, the advantage of joining early lies in earning preferential treatment and better terms of service. You earn Access Points (described below) for joining the network, companies that join early get extra Access Points while late joiners will get fewer points. So you will have a major competitive advantage over companies that join later.

4. Do we have any obligations as members of the Pravega Network?
› Just get as many customers and employees signed up to the network as subscribers as possible. And help maintain the quality of the data by verifying it and updating it.

5. Are there any risks to joining the Pravega Network?
› None.

6. Who can join the Pravega Network?
› Any business or organization can join the Pravega Network – Small Businesses, Mid-size businesses, Large Corporations, Non-profit Organizations, Government and Civic Bodies, Professional Organizations, Community Organizations, Clubs, Associations, Religious Institutions.

7. Could our company become liable for damages?
› No. You are completely indemnified from any damages.

IT Systems
8. Are there any risks to our IT systems? Will there be any strain on our IT resources?
› No. All email messages are delivered directly from Pravega, so you can be assured they have no malware. Also, our entire email volume is likely to be a tiny fraction of the email volume your systems process in regular operation, so there will be almost no impact on your IT resources.


9. Are there any competitive risks in using Pravega for marketing campaigns?
› None of your competitors or anyone else for that matter has any visibility into your usage of the platform.

10. What are the requirements for running campaigns?
› You will need to pay for the campaign before it is run. Also, once the campaigns is complete, we would appreciate if you could return response information to Pravega so it can be added to our database and improve targeting and relevance of promotions. Response Data includes (a) Name of buyer, (b) items purchased, (c) value of items, (d) date of purchase, (e) channel of purchase (where possible) and (f) mode of payment (where possible). The return of response data is optional.

Subscriptions & Promotions
11. Why should we encourage our customers and employees to enroll?
› The more of your customers and employees that become subscribers the more Access Points you earn. Which means, your cost of running marketing campaigns on the Pravega Platform is considerably reduced.

12. Are all company employees or customers required to enroll?
› No. You only need to offer subscription to all your customers and employees. The customers and employees decide whether they wish to join or not.

13. Why should our employees and customers enroll to become subscribers?
› Pravega operates like an Employee Benefits service from your employees’ perspective. We bring them special offers, discounts and promotions that help them get stuff they want and save money. They also accumulate points from using our service which further help them save money on regular purchases. We are founded on the belief that consumers want to receive commercial messages, however, only on their own terms and in a manner that does not intrude or impose upon their time and privacy. We strive hard to maintain high relevance of messages delivered to our subscribers, so they continue to derive benefit from the information, offers, coupons, savings and deals we bring them.

14. With phone based marketing, what happens if the targeted subscriber is not available at the scheduled time of call?
› If the subscriber is not available at time of call, we automatically reschedule the call for the next available slot, which could be in the same hour. We reschedule twice and if we still can't reach the subscriber, we apply a credit to your account which can be used for a free call in your next campaign.


15. What data do you capture?
› We capture all the data that is organically generated by a campaign. This data is added back to our database in aggregate form and made available to all users. So you can benefit from the campaigns run by other marketers and they can benefit from your campaigns. Since data is shared only in aggregated anonymous form, there is no information leakage.

16. What privacy guidelines does Pravega follow?
› Please refer our Privacy Policy on the website – www.pravega.net. We never share ANY data with anyone. We only make aggregate statistics available to marketers for building target lists.

17. What subscriber information is revealed to marketers?
› Only aggregate level, non-identifiable data is revealed. No individual level data is revealed. For phone marketing campaigns, name and/or title of subscriber might be revealed to agent so she or he can converse appropriately.

Points Systems
18. What is the Access Points System?
› Pravega mediates the compensation for contribution to the Pravega Network through the Access Points system. Member companies get 1 Access Point for each employee or customer who enrolls as a subscriber to the Pravega Platform. 1 Access Point allows the company to send up to 120 Emails, make 30 Phone calls and send 120 postal mails (not available currently) for free per year. However, you are limited to a maximum discount of 20% per campaign. If you have additional points, you will use them across multiple campaigns. If you have more points than you need, you can sell the extra points to other member companies.

Members earn Access Points for the following:
› For every employee or customer that signs up as subscriber
› For amount of data provided by each subscriber
› Purchases made through promotions run on the network - both personal purchases and business purchases

Members organizations acquire points on a sliding scale basis. Members use the points by offsetting them against their marketing campaign expenses on the platform. This allows Members with more points to run campaigns at lower costs than others and therefore potentially reach a wider audience. However, Members are limited to a 20% discount on any one campaign. Members can also sell their excess points to other platform Network Members. Unused Access Points rollover from one year to the next but with a 30% reduction. vegaPoints earned by subscribers of the Member organization also convert to Access Points. At enrollment, 1000 vegaPoints earned by subscribers convert to 1 Access Point. Later, 10,000 vegaPoints convert to 1 Access point. 1 Access Point allows the Member organization to send 120 emails, make 30 phone calls and send 120 direct mailers (not available currently) per year for free through Pravega (not including 3rd party costs).

19. What are vegaPoints?
› When subscribers join the Pravega Platform, they earn vegaPoints for various actions. For allowing promotions to be sent to them, for making purchases through the platform and for providing useful information. vegaPoints can be redeemed by subscribers for additional discounts on purchases made through the platform. Also, the member company gets additional Access Points for the vegaPoints earned by its subscribers. For more details, please visit www.pravega.net.