Free CRM

Free CRM
FREE Full-Featured CRM
As a member of the Pravega Network you get full accces to vegaPort. vegaPort is a powerful CRM application with support for Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Workflow Management and other productivity enhancing features. And you get all this for FREE!
Free CRM
CRM Opportunities
Keep track of all your sales opportunities. Track their progress through the sales pipeline -- ensure no lead or opportunity is lost for lack of organization, responsiveness or speed. Feed into dashboards to generate a broad picture of your sales pipeline.
CRM Notes
Keep track of all communications with your contacts. Link call notes, meeting minutes, emails, files and documents with individual records and see the history of all interactions with your contacts in a single location.
CRM Dashboards
Summary charts of overall sales pipeline with drilldown data. Quickly analyze the health of your sales pipeline and estimate future sales.
vegaPort CRM Accounts
Keep track of all organizations you do business with -- customers, suppliers, vendors, analysts, consultants etc. Record all relevant data and keep track of interactions.
vegaPort CRM Contacts
vegaPort is also a powerful contact manager. Keep track of all your contacts, collect detailed information, organize contacts hierarchically within organizations, keep track of campaigns sent to them and more.
CRM Leads
Create and track leads through the sales cycle. Create lead directly, automatically from lead generation forms or import from other applications.
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